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Those pictures cannot do Nick Carter justice! I mean that in a good way though. ;) He is HOTT!

I just went to a BSB concert on Aug. 14th, and I don't think I will get as close to the boys as I did then. Nick was the main attraction! :)

Thank you for adding me to your community! :)
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where did you sit at the concert? I'm going on Aug 30 and I have 3rd row seats! I paid an arm and a leg for them but I JUST need to see him upclose!!

Aug 14th, they were in Boston at the Tweeter Center. The way the place is set up is sections 1-3 are the closest to the stage you can possibly get. I was in section 1. I was able to run right up to the stage bypassing all the production body-guards. I was able to get up so close that I could see Nick Carters sweat dropplets melt off his face!

*kinda gross I know* ;)

But I'd give him a towel anyday!

not gross at all!! id lick it off!! lol

hey when you make an entry can you make it friends only!

Thanks babe!